Q: What are the monthly fees?

A: Compared to many schools in the area you’ll find that the fees are competitive to others.  Fees for classes are $100.

Q:  Are there any contracts to sign?

A: There are no long term contracts that you sign.  Each student is on a month to month contract.  You are responsible for paying for fees each month on the first of each month.  In order to maintain an active student you must attend at least 2 classes in a 60 day period.  After that your status will be considered inactive and you may be subject to re-enrollment into the school.

Q: Are there any uniforms to wear?

A: The school "uniform" is a school t-shirt and red pants with 2 black stripes down the side for students Level 1-9.  Black belts (Level 10) and instructors wear black pants with 2 red stripes down the side.  For those beginning in the class, a school shirt and comfortable pants are OK to start.

Q: Is this art good for anyone to learn?

A: This art is for anyone, men, women, children.  No matter what your age or abilities you can learn this art.

Q: Do you teach children?

A: Most of my students are adults, I will teach children over the age of 13.  While I’m not opposed to teaching children, I will teach those who are dedicated and interested in working hard and learning with adults.  If a child under 13 is interested in joining, they may do so with another parent or family member.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: There are discounts for family members that sign up together and continue as long as other family members are enrolled.

Q: How often do you test for different belt levels?

A: There are two official testing dates per year.  Most testing is done on an ongoing basis as I see the progression in the student and it’s earned through hard work and dedication.